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Welcome to Galactic City-Lockable office space

Just starting from 17.95lakh only

Lockable office space typically refers to a private or enclosed area within a larger office environment that can be secured with a lock. This type of space is often used by individuals or teams who require privacy, security, and control over their workspace. Here are some key features and considerations related to lockable office space:

Privacy: Lockable office spaces provide a higher level of privacy compared to open-plan offices. This is important for tasks that require concentration or for discussions that involve sensitive information.

Security: The ability to lock the office space adds a layer of security, preventing unauthorized access and protecting valuable equipment, documents, or personal belongings.

Customization: Users of lockable office spaces often have the flexibility to customize the layout and design of their workspace, creating an environment that suits their specific needs and preferences.

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Team Collaboration: While lockable offices offer privacy, it's also common for teams to have adjacent or interconnected lockable spaces to facilitate collaboration when needed. This balance allows for both focused work and group discussions.

Amenities: Lockable office spaces may come with various amenities such as dedicated meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and access to common areas. These amenities contribute to a well-rounded work environment.

Technology Infrastructure: Ensure that the office space is equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure, including high-speed internet, power outlets, and any other specific requirements for your business operations. When considering lockable office space, it's important to assess your business needs, growth projections, and budget to choose a solution that aligns with your goals. Many commercial real estate. Sumi ram sai realtors providers, co-working spaces, and business centres offer lockable office options to cater to a diverse range of businesses and professionals.

Your Premier Destination for Office Excellence in Noida!

Property description

If you want invest in galactic city Noida. Investment Starts @ ₹17.95 Lakh only Office space start in just 17.95 lakh .invest in commercial office space, shop, food court.

Discover the epitome of futuristic living at Galactic City, nestled in the heart of Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida. This remarkable ready-to-move project is your ticket to a world of limitless investment opportunities that align perfectly with your budget. Galactic City Hollywood Street and Universal Hub bring together the best of both worlds, offering a unique fusion of cutting-edge IT and entertainment hubs. Imagine being a part of a thriving community where innovation meets entertainment, and exciting returns are just around the corner. With its strategic location and forward-thinking design, Galactic City is the ultimate choice for investors seeking not just a property, but a gateway to exceptional financial growth. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of the Knowledge Park 5 revolution – seize this investment opportunity today and watch your dreams take flight.

Exploring the Commercial Space in Noida

Noida, short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, has emerged as a key player in the real estate market, particularly in the commercial sector. Its strategic location, well-planned infrastructure, and business-friendly environment have attracted numerous businesses to set up shop in this thriving city. In this blog, we will delve into the various facets of commercial space in Noida, exploring the reasons behind its popularity, the types of commercial properties available, and the factors that make it an ideal choice for businesses.

Types of Commercial Spaces in Noida

Noida offers a diverse range of commercial spaces to cater to the varying needs of businesses. From corporate offices to retail spaces, industrial units to co-working spaces, the city has it all. Let's explore some of the prominent types of commercial properties available in Noida: Corporate Offices Noida boasts a plethora of modern and well-designed corporate office spaces. These offices are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, providing a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. The presence of multinational companies and IT firms in Noida has led to a surge in demand for premium corporate offices. Retail Spaces The commercial landscape of Noida is adorned with vibrant shopping malls, retail complexes, and high-street markets. Entrepreneurs and retailers find Noida's retail spaces attractive due to the city's robust consumer base and the growing purchasing power of its residents. Industrial Units Noida is home to several industrial sectors that house manufacturing units, warehouses, and distribution centers. The availability of large industrial spaces and proximity to major transportation hubs make Noida an ideal choice for industries seeking strategic locations. Co-working Spaces With the changing dynamics of the modern workplace, co-working spaces have gained immense popularity in Noida. These flexible office spaces cater to startups, freelancers, and small businesses, providing them with a collaborative and cost-effective working environment.

Commercial Shop in Noida

Discover the epitome of sophistication and business excellence with commercial shop in noida. Situated in the heart of a bustling urban center, this exquisite space offers unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Boasting a prime location with high visibility and easy accessibility, it serves as the perfect platform to showcase your brand and attract discerning clientele. Spanning across a generous area, our commercial shop provides ample space for retail displays, luxurious office suites, or innovative service offerings. Its meticulously designed layout and modern amenities ensure maximum functionality and comfort, fostering productivity and success. Elevate your business presence with features tailored to meet the demands of today's dynamic market. From state-of-the-art security systems to ample parking facilities, every aspect is meticulously crafted to enhance convenience and safety for both customers and employees. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you envision your brand thriving in this prestigious space. Whether you're launching a new venture or expanding an existing one, our premium commercial shop sets the stage for unprecedented growth and prosperity. Take the leap towards success and secure your place in this coveted destination. Embrace the prestige and prestige that comes with owning a premium commercial shop, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success and prosperity.

commercial retail shop
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Property details

  • Master Plan490 mtr
  • Road Side24 mtr
  • Universal Tower720 mtr
  • Shops82 On Ground Floor

Map location

  • AddressPlot No-6 , Knowledge Park-V
  • CityGreater Noida
  • State/county Uttar Pradesh
  • Postal code201306
  • CountryIndia

Floor plans

L Shape Tower
Shops: 1000+
Retail: mix
Location: Prime

Discover a world of exceptional amenities at Galactic City. Our project boasts unique and world-class offerings like CCTV surveillance, efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting, spa, swimming pool, kids' entertainment zone, and a central ventilation system. With expansive office spaces available, your business can thrive in Noida's expansive landscape. We take pride in being the best service providers in the property industry, ensuring your needs are met.

Benefit from prime location and convenience, with major highways and public transport hubs nearby. Sunlight floods through expansive windows, creating an inviting ambiance that enhances productivity. Enjoy high-speed internet, advanced security, and customizable layouts to match your business needs. We're currently offering commercial offices and shops for sale, along with luxury houses and offices. If you're looking for the best real estate agent, your search ends here.

Shops: 1000+
Retail: mix
Location: Prime

Galactic City is more than just an office space; it's a commercial haven. With automated parking, sports courts, power backup, and an efficient security management system, your business is in safe hands. Excellent connectivity by road, along with an upcoming metro station right in front of a 130-meter wide road, ensures easy access for all.

Searching for the best office space for sale in Noida and greater Noida? Look no further! Sumiram Sai Realtors introduces thoughtfully designed office spaces and commercial shops that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. With an expansive layout spanning [X] square feet, your teams will find ample room to collaborate and excel.

Master Plan
Shops: 1000+
Retail: mix
Location: Prime

Galactic City's interior reflects a fusion of contemporary design, fostering an atmosphere of professionalism and innovation. Multiple cutting-edge meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual technology facilitate seamless presentations and client interactions.

Galactic City's interior reflects a fusion of contemporary design, fostering an atmosphere of professionalism and innovation. Multiple cutting-edge meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual technology facilitate seamless presentations and client interactions.


Plot no-6, Knowledge Park-V, Greater Noida (West)

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